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Postpartum Support

postpartum chiropractor madison wi
Giving birth is one of the most intense and rewarding events in a woman’s life.  Once the baby is born, we oftentimes see everyone focusing on baby, and unfortunately, mom’s health and wellbeing can sometimes get forgotten.  The postpartum period can be a challenging time as you try to get the hang of having a
Dr. Jill Mork bootcamp
Everyone knows that exercise is an important part of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  You don’t need me to tell you that.  However, after having my son in January of 2016, I found that I had a difficult time maintaining a good exercise routine and schedule.  I would start and stop so many different
back to school stress and chiropractic care madison wi
When kids go back to school for the year, the transition can be TOUGH – for both kids and parents.  To add to that, it can become even more stressful for everyone if that child has sensory challenges, big emotions, anxiety, or hyperactivity.  Regardless of whatever struggles you are facing this school year, I want
colic, reflux, constipation and chiropractic care
Being a new parent is tough.  Not only do you have to handle caring for a new little life and lack of sleep, but sometimes other challenges present themselves that make you wonder if something isn’t quite right.  I often hear from parents that they start to notice that their new baby seems to be

Anxiety: Part 2

Anxiety madison wi
In our last blog, we talked about what causes anxiety and how it affects the entire body.  In this second part, we’re going to dive into talking about what can be done to minimize and even overcome all of the challenges that go along with anxiety, whether it’s for yourself or for your child. At

Anxiety: Part 1

Anxiety madison wi
Anxiety is an increasing problem that both adults and children are dealing with. Even if an official diagnosis is not given, many people have anxious tendencies that can manifest as so many different types of symptoms – the feeling of overwhelm, inability to sleep, being restless, and not adapting to stress appropriately. Unfortunately, we are
allergies and chiropractic verona wi
Asthma and allergies are unfortunately a very common occurrence for kids, especially as the seasons change in Wisconsin. During springtime, we often see an influx of children with allergies issues, congestion, and asthma. However, just because something is common, does not mean that it’s normal. There are many different factors that impact these challenges, and
asthma chiropractor verona wi
Our last blog post gave you some insight regarding asthma, and now we’re going to shift gears and transition more into allergies. They both have similar ties to the immune system and nervous system, which is why they are so closely related. If you need a refresher on how the nervous system and immune system
Parenting Stress Verona WI
The topic of stress really hits close to home for me.  I’m really passionate about sharing this information with other parents because I’ve had to navigate this myself with my family. Every day in my office, this is something I’m constantly discussing with my patients.  By recognizing and putting strategies in place to minimize and
Pressured Parenting Webinar Graphic
The pressure of raising a family in today’s world can feel overwhelming. If you and your family have been feeling run down, are experiencing many high & lows in your days, or just can’t seem to all feel good at the same time … it’s time to join us on Wednesdsy, May 8th at 12:00