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Meet the Team

Chiropractor Verona, Dr. JillMeet Dr. Jill Mork

Growing up, Dr. Jill lived in a small town close to Sheboygan. A multi-sport athlete, she got a disc injury in her low back. Multiple providers put her through a variety of tests and treatments. None, however, were effective. The doctor recommended that she undergo back surgery. At just 18 years of age, neither Dr. Jill nor her parents wanted her to go under the knife. Instead, her mom took her to the local chiropractor’s office.

During care, Dr. Jill learned about how chiropractic can go beyond pain relief and restore the body’s proper function. To this day, she gets adjusted regularly.

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Naomi ArreolaNaomi Arreola, Care Advocate

Naomi’s smiling face is who you’ll most often see at the front desk. She keeps the office running smoothly, is an expert baby holder, and is here if you need a fellow mom to talk to!

She is a mom of three kiddos, a petite-mini golden-doodle pup, and a horse named Zara. She has lived in Verona for the past 14 years and all 3 of her kids are proud Wildcats!

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Allie, Family First Chiropractic of Verona Front deskAllie Peters, Care Advocate

Allie is usually only here on Thursdays, and oftentimes she’s doing behind-the-scenes work, although you may see her make an appearance at the front desk from time to time.

She is a puppy mom to her golden retriever, Macie. She is also engaged to be married to her preschool sweetheart, AJ, who is a current UW Madison medical student. In her free time, she is playing with Macie, sitting on the porch with AJ, or reading a good book.

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