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Chiropractic Care For Stressed Out + Worn Out Dads

Paul Hansen and Dr JillFor so many dads, the busyness of work and family responsibilities has completely taken over their daily lives, and they long ago gave up on taking care of themselves or even thinking about something like chiropractic care. Their diet has switched to eating fast food at their desk or in the car during their commute, and they consume enough coffee to caffeinate a small village each and every day.

All of the sugar and caffeine rev up an already hyped-up and stressed-out nervous system. So over time, the average dad today is not just overweight and out of shape, but may be struggling with chronic health challenges like ADHD, anxiety, allergies, chronic headaches, sleep issues, and continual back and neck pain.

After being wound up for so long, they then become worn out and exhausted, and while they often think about getting healthy and back in shape again… they’ve got no drive or energy left to actually get that done. Unfortunately, chiropractic care is the furthest thing from their minds.

Honestly, even for those dads that do work out and try to eat healthy, the demands of the work and family life schedule can still stress their nervous systems to the max, leading to many of the same challenges.

How Does Getting Adjustments Help Break Through The Stress?

Unfortunately, far too many people have a limited view of what chiropractic care can do for their health, simply because most medical doctors and even many chiropractors keep their care focused on back and neck pain alone. They fail to understand the absolutely crucial and really quite simple connection between the spine and the nervous system.

But just ask yourself this question – when you’ve got a nasty headache, tense neck and shoulders, and back pain, how well do you sleep? How’s your mental health and mood when you’re in constant pain? Do you feel like working out and playing with your kids when you’re chronically tense and exhausted?

Everything in the body is intricately connected and controlled by one thing – the nervous system. The nervous system controls everything, from muscle tension and function, to digestion, immune health, sleep, mood, mental + emotional health, focus, and so much more.

And put simply, in today’s crazy world, the average dad’s nervous system is running on dial-up internet while trying to keep up with a 5G fast-paced life. It’s just not sustainable.

This is where Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care comes in, and serves as the greatest health hack of all time! We say health hack because when looking to help parents get healthy once again, we’ve got to remember one crucial element – they’re insanely busy and have limited time in their schedule.

That’s the beauty of Neuro-Tonal Adjustments that our doctors use – they’re fast and easy. The majority of our patients get in and out of the office in under 10 minutes, yet get as much (or more) health benefit from one incredible adjustment as they would a workout, massage, and meditation session! It’s truly incredible how much change adjustments can make in a short amount of time, then giving you more energy and better function so that you actually feel like working out, eating healthy, and getting a good night’s sleep once again!

I’ve said it for 15 years and will continue to do so – chiropractic care is the greatest health hack of all time.

Once you start getting adjusted, the chart below shows the other kind of results you can expect with your mood, focus and concentration, emotional health, gut and immune function, and so much more.

Dads, if you’re absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed and don’t know where to start – start with Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care and build up from there!

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