Family First Chiropractic of Verona

Family Chiropractic Verona providing service to surrounding cities like Fitchburg and Oregon, WI

In the not too distant past, most people thought of a chiropractor as a professional to assist adults with back and neck pain. Today, the practice of family chiropractic has evolved, and at Family First Chiropractic of Verona, we work with all members of the family.

For most of our patients in surrounding cities of Verona including Fitchburg and Oregon, WI, in children and adults, stress is a large part of neck and back pain, headaches, and other health conditions they are experiencing. Our family chiropractor can work with children and adults in the care of ADD/ADHD, headaches, spinal pain and discomfort, and many other conditions.

Specially Trained

Dr. Jill Mork, DC, CACCP is a specially trained Chiropractor who works with children as a Pediatric Chiropractor. She has a wonderful way with children of all ages, explaining the process to them and providing alternative care to many medical conditions. In addition to working with kids, Dr. Jill is also available to provide family Chiropractic to all members of the family.

She is also a Pregnancy Chiropractor, helping mothers to be and new mothers in a variety of different challenges they face during and after their pregnancy. She can work with infants that are having difficulty breastfeeding, helping to address the biomechanical disorders of the infant's spine that can occur during the birthing process, or just to promote wellness!

With a focus on providing Chiropractic for the entire family, Family First Chiropractic of Verona providing service to surrounding cities, such as, Fitchburg and Oregon, WI, provides an alternative for adults and parents looking for care options for a variety of health issues for themselves and for their children of all ages.