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Postpartum Chiropractic

When it comes to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, you were made for this! You were made to be a part of conceiving your beautiful baby, growing your baby for 9+ months, bringing your baby into the world, and then being their forever – their strength, their love, their guidance, their protector, literally their everything. From the moment your baby is born, they rely on you.

But just because you were made for this does not mean that it isn’t HARD. You could read all the books, drink all the smoothies, do all the workouts, and take all the classes, but sometimes you just may truly never feel prepared physically and emotionally for all the things you will feel after having your sweet baby.


Equipped and Empowered

First, we want to remind you that you are amazing and second that you are not alone! Just because your baby has come earthside does not mean that the care and attention for you should be done. In fact, you are the one who needs to be cared for most because without you, the foundation is gone. And trust us, it’s ok to say that you are not ok and that you need support. You should never feel lost, but instead feel equipped and empowered.

Benefits of Care

Chiropractic care not only helps you feel much better following labor and delivery, but just as importantly, allows your nervous system to balance from high-stress/high-anxiety to a more calm, relaxed, healing state. The more you are stuck in high stress, your body is less likely to produce milk, heal from labor, regulate hormones, and rest. As your body transitions from carrying your baby in your belly to postpartum, there are so many changes that happen and getting the care you need allows for these transitions to happen with ease.

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Postpartum struggles are real and they are prevalent now more than ever.

Do not walk it alone-we are here for you!


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