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Capable + Empowered Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy journey! Whether you are at the stage of preconception, currently expecting, or postpartum you will benefit from chiropractic care and we are here to help you along your journey. Studies show that women who have been under chiropractic care have an easier time conceiving, a more comfortable pregnancy, shorter + smoother labors, and recover quicker postpartum.

Pregnant woman being adjusted

Promoting the Ideal Environment For Baby

When it comes to pregnancy and birth, it’s all about the 3 P’s: Power, Passageway, and Passenger.

Power: A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy nervous system, which is essentially the engine that makes your entire body run! The nervous system controls every single organ, tissue, and cell in our body- coordinating all processes including hormonal cascades involved in pregnancy and birth. Optimizing mom’s neurological function before, during, and after pregnancy improves many of the all too common (but not necessarily normal) symptoms of surrounding pregnancy, as well as sets mom up for a better birth experience and easier time postpartum.

Passageway: A healthy pregnancy and birth require optimal space in mom’s uterus and pelvis for baby to move! When muscles get tight in the wrong places to compensate for injuries, poor posture, sedentary behavior, and pain, baby is forced into more cramped quarters which can cause delays in birth, dystocia, increased risk of birth interventions, breech positioning, or difficulty with descent into the birth canal. Some important considerations in the passageway include the muscles of the pelvic floor, the psoas muscles, the sacrum/pelvis/pubic bone, the round ligaments, the diaphragm, and the piriformis muscles.

Passenger: What prenatal care often fails to address is the importance of providing baby’s nervous system with the healthiest start to brain development possible. Our nervous systems are like a computer hard drive – meaning that all types of stress that build up over time get downloaded onto this hard drive and the body literally keeps the score. Mom and baby are intimately connected in utero by the umbilical cord – which not only supplies critical nutrients and blood flow, but also is the power cord to baby – sending important messages to grow and thrive. Prenatal stress or chronic stress during this time has been shown to be a major prerequisite to many challenges in children early on in life. Neurologically-focused prenatal chiropractic care ensures that mom’s nervous system is prioritizing the calm/relaxed side of the nervous system to decrease the stress that baby is facing through the power cord.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy:

  • Greater comfort
  • Shorter labor time
  • Optimal baby positioning
  • Pain relief
  • Supports a natural labor and delivery
  • Fewer interventions
  • Healthier + Happier Baby


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