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Back to School Virtual Workshop (Aug 24-Sept 24)

Anxiety, ADHD + Sensory Workshop

Click below to get instant access to the workshop!

Simply click below to get instant access to the workshop!

Parents, this Back-to-School season has been unlike any other. This time of year, so many of us are worried about getting our schedules together + our routines in place, but things are even crazier this August and September. It seems like the typical “Perfect Storm” is turning into a category 5 hurricane.

Right now, with all the unknowns and all the changes, these external + internal stressors have left parents exhausted, teens tapped out and anxious, and younger kids on edge.

When kiddos have sensory challenges, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, ODD, or similar difficulties, then this fall can be even more worrisome with the vastly different routines, the masks, the mandates, and more.

While we can’t take all of that worry away, we can help in a big way. During our free On-Demand workshop, we’ll help you better understand what so often causes these day-to-day challenges in kiddos (meltdowns, tantrums, outbursts, focus issues, sleep challenges) and most importantly, take you through the strategies and action steps that can be taken to help get them calmer, more balanced and focused, and sleeping better.

Throughout our time together we will tackle what really starts the “Perfect Storm” and go back to WHEN it really starts. (Hint: it’s way earlier than most parents or providers ever realize, and the ONE THING creating challenges for over 80% of our kids is NOT what you think it is!)

We’ll dive deep into the science and neurology behind your child’s struggles. We’ll also cover why so many of these neurologically-challenged kids also struggle with gut and immune issues, and how to help those as well!

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